My professional career has been focused on building, growing and scaling technology, organizations and their processes. I have experience in very large, medium and startup companies in Technology, Media and Service industries. I love taking organizations and their technologies through evolutions based on scale and growth. I am a collaborative problem solver and love leading teams through the process. I am passionate about people within the technology organization: SW Engineers, SREs, Product Managers, Designers, Agile Coaches, and beyond. I have built and evolved competency matrixes, career progressions, learning programs, and review processes. I believe if you can hire, retain and progress the right people with the right skills, the process and technology are so much easier to get right. I am passionate about diversity in technology across demographics, backgrounds and expertise. I believe truly diverse teams better understand the problem, come up with more comprehensive potential solutions, and make the best possible decision with the given information. I started at AOL in the 90s working to get people on the Internet, am amazed by the evolution of technology across the last 25 years and am excited by the opportunities made possible by tech today and in the future. My other passion is travel. I have been to over 85 countries and all 7 continents. I love capturing images on my travels and sharing them.